Casa del Maestro


Calle Catedral 2395


The original name of this magnificent home built at the turn of the 20th century by the renowned Chilean architect Alberto Cruz Montt was “Palacio de los Wightman“, now known as Teachers’ House. Since 1920, it was the residence of the family formed by Federico Wightman Fredech and Maria Luisa Hoffman and their three children.

In 1958, the house was sold to the Chilean Teachers’ Union, who used it intensively for professional labor-related and cultural activities. The building was also refurbished to serve as accommodation for teachers coming from other regions of the country.

In 1977, the property passed on to the then-recently formed teachers’ organization called Colegio de Profesores de Chile A.G.

An outdoor plaque reminds passers-by that the first Cabinet of President Salvador Allende’s administration operated in this location between September 4 and November 4, 1970. Thus, in those days, this address became known as “La Moneda Chica”.


Catedral, 2395, Santiago.

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