Centro cultural La Jungla L.A.T


Madrid 747. Barrio Matta Norte


Según actividades y ferias temáticas




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An interesting innovation target is shining in Matta Norte Neighborhood, it is La Jungla L.A.T an encounter space for the community and neighbors, focused on promoting cooperative and participative  work by community groups.

     Its wide and restored spaces are ideal to collect workshops, classes, training and coworkers, while it’s yard works as a stage for an original proposal of thematic fairs, entrepreneurs exhibitions, musical activities and more.

this multi – disciplinary Center is placed inside a patrimonial house  that will always be a great meeting point for social entrepreneurs and local talented artists, national and international, in the social, heritage, visual arts, theater, design, architecture, crafts, multimedia and interactive, music, gastronomy, enterprises and creative services ambit.

Madrid, 747, Santiago.

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