Concha y Toro Neighborhood


Between Alameda, Maturana, Erasmo Escala and Brasil streets.

In the middle of the city, this small oasis that springs up inside Barrio Brasil features attractive European style homes that make it a charming spot to visit in Santiago.

Its cobbled streets and majestic constructions, provide an ideal background for idling away time and enjoying the gastronomic offer around the square called Plaza Libertad de Prensa.

This sector originally belonged to the prestigious Concha Cazzote family who, after having owned a splendid Moorish style palace, decided to demolish it and sell the land to have this quarter built.

In recent years, the installation of new ventures has meant giving the sector a new look, with striking activities that highlight the cultural and community character of this corner of the capital.

Barrio Concha y Toro was declared a Typical Zone in 1989.


Concha y Toro, 33, Santiago.

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