Day 1 A Visit to the Heart of the Center

How to Get There

Historic center. Plaza de Armas Metro station, Líne 5.

Mercado Central. Cal y Canto Metro station, Líne 2.

La Vega Central. Patronato Metro station, Líne 2.

Lastarria neighborhood.  Bellas Artes Metro station, Líne 5.

In the morning

Walk by Plaza de Armas to feel its environment and visit the main highlights around it, as the Cathedral of Santiago and the Historical Museum.

Visit the Precolombian Art Museum, its collection has pieces from different american cultures, which were choosen with a specific aesthetic standar. It has modern areas, interactive zones and the exhibition, “Chile before Chile”.

Make a break to drink a coffee in the traditional Cafes, located in the pedestrian streets of the center of Santiago.

A break for lunch

A must is the restaurant´s offer inside the Mercado Central, it was chosen by National Geographic in 2012 as the fifth better food market in the world.

If you are looking for another traditional place to eat and make contact with a popular and diverse environment, we recommend you cross the Mapocho river and go into the singularity of the different markets as Tirso de Molina, La Vega Chica or La Vega Central.

More things to visit in the afternoon

Visit La Moneda Palace, the head office of the Government of Chile and a monumental work of the Chilean heritage.

Enjoy the itinerant or stable exhibitions in the modern “Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda”, built as a part of the Bicentenary project, it is located underneath the “Ciudadanía” square.

Walk by the civic neighborhood and its near attractions, as the “Constitución” square and the Stock Market, financial center of the city, built at the beginning of the XX century.

If you have time, go to one of the performance in the “Teatro Municipal” of Santiago or enjoy with the offer of the different teathers or cultural centers of the city.

At dinner time

Choose among the diverse gastronomic offer in Lastarria-Bellas Artes neighborhood, an interesting cultural and tourist center of the capital city.


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