Day 2 Lives the Culture in Lastarria Bellas Artes Neighborhood

How to Get There

Santa Lucia hill and its surroundings. Santa Lucia Metro  station, line 1, or Bellas Artes Metro station, line 5.

Fine Arts and Contemporary Arts Museums. Bellas Artes Metro station, line 5.

Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center and Lastarria Neighborhood. Universidad Catolica Metro station, line 1.

In the morning

Start the day with a walk along the Santa Lucia hill, place of the foundation of the city. It was inaugurated as Public Park in 1874, at present, it is one of the tourist attraction most distinguished of the capital.

Be sure to visit the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, addition to touring the Forestal Park to the east, a must ride for santiaguinos as for visitors to the city.

A break for lunch.

In a friendly environment, we expect the cafes and restaurants of Mosqueto or José Miguel de la Barra streets, an area where you can also find independent design stores invite you to enjoy and be enchanted.

More thins to visit in the afternoon.

Go to know the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, one of the most modern and spectacular buildings in Chile, with an effervescent programming, that will delight you with art exhibitions, music, dance and theater, among other artistic expressions.

Walk through the Lastarria Neighborhood, whose main street is a must of this gastronomic and cultural area of Santiago. Also it is interesting the offering of small shops that provide young fashion, bookshops and the Visual Arts Museum at Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro.

At dinner time

Gastronomic and wine offer of Jose Victorino Lastarria Street.




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