La Pérgola de las Flores

One of the most important flower markets in the capital, with a history dating back to the turn of the 20th century, when it used to be on one side of San Francisco Church.

In those days, it was also a social space where families would go for a walk while politicians and intellectuals would meet. It was so characteristic that it inspired the famous Chilean musical “La Pérgola de las Flores” in 1960.

In 1940, it disappeared from downtown Santiago and was moved to the north bank of the Mapocho River, where the flower sellers joined other women who were modestly beginning to sell flowers, to give continuity to their trading activity.

Today it operates inside modern premises, opened in 2011, that create an ideal atmosphere for welcoming the thousands of customers who visit it on a daily basis. They are located near a food market that also has small restaurants offering mainly low priced typical Chilean food.

One of the traditions of the florists in La Pérgola is to pay tribute to deceased public personages, loved ones and those respected by the people. The florists wait in the streets for the funeral car to throw multi-colored petals on it to express appreciation and bid farewell.

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