Mac Iver street

Historically known as the Calle de las Claras.

Two convents used to stand on this street: that of the Mercedarians on the north, and Santa Clara on the south. However, due to the chapel erected by Captain Salguero, his name prevailed for a century, as the townsfolk would refer to this block as “Calle de Salguero”.

When dawn mass was over, the Santiago locals would move towards the small square known as La Merced to see Bernardo de la Cuadra Echeverría’s skilful games with his best animals. Bernardo would appear as a country peasant, presenting the art of horse riding Chilean style. This fiesta gave a typical air to the street.

Slowly but surely this tradition was left behind due to town planning changes and, as only the nuns on the corner of La Cañada remained, the street took on the name of “Las Claras”. During the 20th century it was given its current name in honor of Enrique Mac Iver, a politician and lawyer.

Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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