Ministerio Relaciones Exteriores (Ex Hotel Carrera)


Teatinos 180


+56 2 28274200


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This building, located at the intersection of the streets known as Agustinas and Teatinos, was built between 1937 and 1940, by the architects Smith Solar and Smith Miller (father and son) to house the luxurious Carrera Hotel. This work was part of the project known as the “Civic Quarter”, submitted by the Minister of Finance, Gustavo Ross, to President Arturo Alessandri.

The elegance of the building incorporates notable elements such as the murals in the lobby, a figurative work that shows scenes from Chilean and Latin American history and was created by the painter and writer Luis Meléndez Ortiz.

In 2004, the building was renovated to become the new headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, housing over one thousand civil servants who work in the 38 departments of the Ministry.

The works only involved changes to the interior of the building, since due to its being a Conservation Building no alterations to its façade could be made.


Teatinos, 180, Santiago.

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