Museo Ferroviario de Santiago


Parque Quinta Normal

Quinta Normal station. Line 5 Metro de Santiago


+56 2 6814627


Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Adults $ 1.500

Children and seniors $ 1.000

Free for people with disabilities


Created at the initiative of the State railroad company and the Municipality of Santiago in 1984, it has the most complete collection of locomotives in the country and in Latin America.

The museum exhibit includes 16 locomotives and 4 cars – one of which was the First Presidential Car – which make it one of the best railroad collections in Latin America.

Each of the items is considered to be a valuable testimony of the history of the national railroad.

The museum is open to the public in general and to students from pre-school level onwards. It has an extensive library specializing in railroad matters, rooms for pre-school children and basic education students, a shop and guided tours.

It is currently managed by the Private Corporation for the Popularization of Science and Technology.


Quinta Normal.

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