Plaque to Leonardo Henrichsen


Agustinas st. in front of n° 1180, between Morandé and Bandera st.


This plaque, installed by the City Hall of Santiago in 2013, remember the Argentine cameraman Leonardo Henrichsen, who was killed on June 29 of 1973 in Agustinas street during the military uprising against the Unidad Popular Government, called “Tanquetazo”.

Correspondent in Chile worked for Swedish Radio and Television and for Channel 13 of Buenos Aires, Henrichsen was filming the actions of the soldiers just a few meters from the Palacio de Moneda, when a soldier of the Armored Regiment N° 2 shot, killing him.

The cameraman of 33 years old, caught the moment when his assailant shot him from a truck in an image that went around the world.






Agustinas, 1180, Santiago.

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