Pocket Square. Plazas de Bolsillo

Pocket Square. It correspond to a new urban intervention, which recovers spaces without use and turns them into a transitory square for the delight of santiaguinos and visitors. The  Pocket Squares have transformed in a new alternative to enjoy the city and to do a pause, since Foodtrucks incorporates, infantile games, Street Art, bicicleteros, tables and chairs, in addition they serve as scene for cultural activities, artistic interventions, craftsmen’s meeting, environmental activities and much more.

In the commune of Santiago there are two pocket Squares, placed in:

Santa Isabel Street 384. Between Raulí and Lira

Morandé Streets 83. La Moneda station. Line 1 of Santiago Metro.

Teatinos with Santo Domingo Streets. Between Stations Santa Ana and Plaza de Armas station. Line 5 of Santiago.

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