Palacio Septiembre


Catedral on the corner with Morandé, on the northeast side.


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The building was erected in 1888 as living accommodation for Arturo Edwards and his family. Precious woods, stained-glass windows, tapestries, select marbles and fine hardware were ordered from Europe to decorate it.

Designed in Renaissance style, both in the layout and the elements on the façade. The front porch gives it a neo-classical air.

Today this two-storied mansion has preserved its fresco paintings, bas-reliefs, wooden decorations and original marbles. Its 60 rooms feature furniture, paintings and sculptures purchased from antiquarians.

The rooms on the ground floor are used for receptions and events held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The palace, built in 1888 as living accommodation for Arturo Edwards and his family, was completed a year later and became the property of his son Agustín. This historian, businessman and politician, owner of the newspaper “El Mercurio” of Valparaiso, minister and president of the Senate, used the mansion for his activities in Santiago.

In 1919, the building was purchased by the Liberal Party, which turned it into the September Club, the party’s political headquarters, drawing the attention of the entire country when Arturo Alessandri Palma became President.

In the late 1950s, the palace became clearly deteriorated, to such an extent that in 1971 an order was issued to have it demolished. However, it was spared thanks to the personal initiative of the historian and diplomat Mario Barros Van Buren.

Thanks to his intervention, in 1974 the palace was handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which made it the headquarters of the Andrés Bello Diplomatic Academy.

Catedral, 1183, Santiago.

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