Sebastián Muñoz Antiques


Galpón de Los Reyes. shops 16 and 17. Brasil Ave 1157


+56 9 91658268



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Discover unique objects with lots of stories in this Galpon de los Reyes shop.

It is Characterized by its varied lamps and molten iron pendants offer, are part of the local structure.  Also you can find here great value antiques, not only based on their history but also on its design,  such as big copper stills, fermentation country jars, statues, cash register machines from the beginning of XX Century, even a pianola with original musical rolls among many other things.

And crowning all this collection the symbolic framed photograph of Jorge Muñoz is distinguished, the first shop owner, who trespassed his job to his son, the owner today.

Avenida Brasil, 1157, Santiago.

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