Teatro Caupolicán


San Diego 850


+56 9 9940 4465



In 1936 the then existing “Caja de Empleados Públicos” (Social Security Fund for Public Employees) funded the construction of a venue where international shows could be held in Santiago.

Many and varied shows, such as important artistic galas, concerts, political proclamations and sports activities, were performed in this theater.

Highlights among the high-level shows held at the Caupolicán are operas such as the Barber of Seville or Madame Butterfly, the Berioska Dance Company of the USSR, the Moscow Circus, the Chinese Circus, Holiday on Ice, among many others.

A bullfight was staged in 1954, but it did not turn out as expected, as the bulls, which were rather bull calves, stood frozen when they entered the bullring. Although it all finished as a great fiasco for the organizers, over time it has become an amusing anecdote.


San Diego, 850, Santiago.

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