Cuevas Street Murals, Street Artr


Cuevas St, between Matta Av. and Victoria St.


In the middle of a peaceful life contrast in Matta sur neighborhood and the seal of those traditional business corners the project “Murales Para Matta” was born, directed by the visual artist Francisca Vilches, manager and responsible of the initiative, also an active resident of this place in Santiago.

Located on Cuevas street between Matta Ave. and Victoria street, the project portrayed on metal curtains and walls of traditional shops murals made by the local artists  Seco Sánchez, María Paz Lama, Alme Yutronic and Victoria Zamora.

The motif of every mural was agreed with the neighbors , the visual artist and the shop that passed its facade or curtain, promoting with this participative art, collaboration and the rescue of the patrimony neighborhood value.

The reason for each mural was agreed between the neighbors, the visual artist and the business that facilitated its curtain, thereby promoting participatory art, collaboration and rescue of the neighborhood’s heritage value.  


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