Alice´s Room


361 Rosal St. 3° floor

Lastarria Neighborhood


+56 9 2074 3984



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Have you seen a white rabbit?, the phrase that reminds us of the novel “Alice in Wonderland” is also a work that inspires this entrepreneurship full of sustainability and fantasy.

This peculiar store with striking aesthetics, emerged in order to give clothing a second chance, through the sale of an exclusive selection of recycled garments, in this way, Alice’s room seeks to promote the empowerment of people over the clothing regardless of the year of manufacture, if it was used by another person before, or its brand, causing a positive impact on the environment and contributing to sustainable fashion in Santiago. You can also be fascinated by the exclusive accessories and products alluding to the world of “Alice in Wonderland”, such as agendas, mugs, watches, key rings, postcards, covers, pins and much more.

Rosal, 361, Santiago.

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