Antonio Varas show room. National Chilean Theatre


Morandé 25


+56 2 2977 1690


Very close from la moneda palace and near by important attractives in historic santiago downtown, this showroom is waiting for visitors with a huge theatre stage plays, beside music and dance exhibitions.

This place is where over 60 years the chilean national theatre has been placed, University of Chile faculty of art dependant, this art institution was founded in 1941 since this period, dramatists, actors, directors, designers and technicians have been protagonists of the evolution proccessof the chilean theatre.

In 1952 a dream to have an exclusive showroom was born, until that moment theatres like “Imperio”, Santa Lucia and Municipal were already builted. Thus in november 10th in 1954 “Noche de reyes” (night of the kings) from Shakespeare – Leon Felipe and directed by Pedro Orthous made it´s debut. Since that momento, the facility placed in the heart of Santiago commune became the headquarter of the National chilean theatre.

Along history this intitution has received seven national art awards and also other recognitions in chile and abroad, owing to it´s role of diversity, quality and renovation of the national scene.


Morandé, 25, Santiago.

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