Calle Franklin

The history of this street is linked to the origin of San Diego street, which was the south access route to Santiago in colonial time and it extends from Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins avenue to the Franklin neighborhood.

One of the milestones that gave the characteristic seal to Franklin street  was the construction of the Public Slaughterhouse in 1847, because it marked the beginning of the development of the street and the area where it is inserted. The installation of the slaughtering center and meat distribution meant that Franklin street and its environment kept a frenetic business pace.

Since mid-century, in the district began the expansion of an old job, the street trade, and as a consequence of the economic crisis of 1929, people get out to the streets to sell their products, giving rise to the “Mercado Persa”.

The slaughterhouse closed in 1979 and three years later, the space was delivered to the street peddlers, by the Municipality of Santiago, to they established their business premises there.

In the ’90s were roofed big courtyards that extended the “Mercado Persa” up to San Diego, forming one of the most popular shopping centers of Santiago, where Franklin is one of the most representative streets.

Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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