Casas Subercaseaux Complex, in the Municipal Theater area


Agustinas 719, 733 and 741.



An architectural complex located across from the Municipal Theater, consisting of terraced mansions built in 1901 as elegant residences for the wealthy banking businessman, Francisco Subercaseaux Vicuña and his children.

Around 1921 and following the death of the family patriarch, his heirs sold the properties. While some were used as bank offices, the main mansion was acquired by various owners until, in 1951, it was purchased by the Chilean Air Force Officers’ Club.

It was declared a National Monument in 1973.


These houses were built at the turn of the 20th century, by order of the powerful banker and nitrate businessman, Francisco Subercaseaux Vicuña.

Construction of two houses, with a single façade and a shared entrance, commenced in 1901. Three years later, Subercaseaux decided to buy an adjacent plot of land in order to build his own residence.

Following the death of the patriarch, the houses were acquired by different owners. In 1905, the Municipality of Santiago had purchased the entrance garden area, where there is a small construction that used to be Guardhouse. This space was used by the various owners up to 1979, at which time the municipality reclaimed it when renovating the Municipal Theater Square.

In 1950, the Subercaseaux residence was handed over to the Chilean Air Force.


The project was designed by architect Miguel Ángel de la Cruz Labarca, who had studied at the Paris Fine Arts College, for which reason the buildings have a marked French influence, inspired by the Louis XV style.

As a general rule, these houses have notable finishes, such as the ironwork on the exterior and interior balconies, balustrades, marquees, skylight and winter garden, which was brought from France.

Other highlights are the plasterwork on the interior walls and ceilings, and carpentry work on doors, windows and inlaid parquet flooring.

Fuerza Aérea Officers Club operates at number 741.


Agustinas, 719, Santiago.

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