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Blanco Encalada 2540


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Founded in 1869 as the first horse-racing center in the capital, the more well-to-do sectors in Santiago would meet there to enjoy the spectacle.

The first race was held on September 20, 1870. On the occasion, the winning horse was “Flaneur”, owned by Marcial Recart.

In line with the fashion of the day, its first grandstands were a graceful building in wood and glass. At the same time, the iron gates were inspired in the gateways to English castles.

Throughout its history, the Club has been visited by important personages, such as President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, and Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Around 1867, with the sponsorship of the Horse Riding Corporation, horse races were held in the Field of Mars, now known as O’Higgins Park. With this precedent, the Club Hípico was founded two years later.

The race track was designed by architect Henault, and the first race was held on September 20, 1870, the winning horse being “Flaneur”, owned by Marcial Recart.

Its first grandstands were built in line with the fashion of the day, a graceful building in wood and glass, but this was destroyed by a fire in 1892. A short time after, the grandstands were rebuilt, but this time in iron and glass.

Today’s building was officially opened on April 7, 1923, along with its imposing grandstand, the main feature of which being the large cantilever marquise in reinforced concrete, considered to be a structural feat of the day.

The large iron gates at the Club Hípico are influenced by the gateways to English castles. The Spanish influence is noted in the streetlamps, garden ornaments and balcony handrails.


Avenida Almirante Blanco Encalada, 2540, Santiago.

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