Edificio Ex Arsenales de Guerra


1724 Almirante Blanco Encalada Av.

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Outside visits only.


An institutional building owned by the Chilean Army, built in 1826 as the General Arms and Munitions Park.

Its façade features ten towers that give it a hallmark similar to that found on the Spanish Forts in Valdivia, and a plaque that recalls its founding date.


In 1894, during the government of Jorge Montt, construction began on the General Arms and Munitions Park. One year later, the east part of the building, which included two warehouses, was handed over. The Military Museum was installed on the ground floor and the arms room on the first.

The work was completed one year later, and the building became known as the War Arsenals.

The project was the work of a group of military polytechnical engineers who had studied in France. The famous Chilean architect, Ricardo Larraín Bravo, was also involved.

The battlemented architecture of the building is reminiscent of the typical English barracks style, also characterized by their exposed brickwork.

Ten circular plan towers stand on the main façade. Its elongated parallelepiped plan covers a length of 200 meters. The building has two floors and an interior courtyard.

The construction design, its base and the cornices give the building an interesting, original atmosphere.


Avenida Almirante Blanco Encalada, 1724, Santiago.

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