Beaucheff 938,  corner Tupper


+56 2 24768600




Monday to Friday $ 15,900

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays $ 16,990

60 years and over $ 7,990

Free, children up to 0.90 centimeters

How to Get There

Parque O’Higgins station. Line 2 Santiago


One of the leading fun parks in Chile and Latin America, it is set in the emblematic O’Higgins Park and receives over a million visitors each year.

The park has three play areas:

Kids Zone. With games like the Carousel, the Dragon Mountain and a Mini Splash, among others.

Family Zone. Invite to vibrate in group in the Twister, Pirate Revenge or the Mining Train.

Adrenaline Zone. It is the meeting point for lovers of twists, dizziness, tremors and terror.


In 1977, works began on setting up a fun park for all the family. The project caused such a stir that the press of the day made allusion to the notion that Chile was finally going to have its own Disneyland.

The lack of places where the family can have a good time and enjoy the city led Gerardo Ortega and a group of friends to think up this project.

The initial investment was two million dollars and the games were brought from Europe. When it was first opened, in 1978, the fun park had only 8 games, the most popular being the Octopus, the Shady Mansion and the Rollercoaster, the largest in South America at the time.


Avenida Beauchef, 938, Santiago.

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