Iglesia de la Preciosa Sangre


Compañía 2226


+56 2 26994620


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A church set in the heart of Barrio Brasil in an excellent state of preservation, despite having been inaugurated in 1906; this makes it an interesting attraction for the sector where it stands.

Its history is linked to the Congregation of the Precious Blood, successor of the former Congregation of Santa Ana, which stood where the church is today. There, since 1903, the sisters look after the mentally ill and engage in the educational tasks of their schools throughout the country.

The Church of the Precious Blood open its doors only on Sundays to hold mass.


The building is the work of Italian architect Eusebio Celli, who arrived in the country to set up the high altar in the Church of La Recoleta Dominica. He was also involved in the construction of the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Church of Saint Ignatius, the Brazilian Embassy, and of this church, started in 1873, but inaugurated in 1906.

The temple features two large Corinthian columns supporting a triangular frontispiece that forms the access portico. Decoration reproduces motifs from the Passion, where hot-gilded motifs by artist Calixto Guerrero Larraín stand out.

Of particular note are the lamps, the carved pulpit and the wooden door with emblems of the crucifixion.


Compañía de Jesús, 2226, Santiago.

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