Pasaje Hurtado Rodrí­guez


Between Libertad, Esperanza, Huérfanos and Compañía streets.


Built between 1926 and 1928 by Celsa Rodríguez de Hurtado, this alleyway was designed with the participation of outstanding architects and artists such as Cruz Montt, Larraín Bravo and Garafulic.

Pasaje Hurtado Rodríguez connects Huérfanos and Compañía streets. The design of the accesses, in particular the one from Compañía, deserves special notice as the vertical architectural lines almost give it the appearance of a doorway.

The complex is formed by 21 two- or three-storied terraced houses in multiple styles, with a predominance of Gothic, Greco-Roman or Tudor elements.

This alleyway displays homogeneous constructions lines, especially in the height of the dwellings, as well as in the windows and doors.

Hurtado Rodríguez, Santiago.

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