Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro


José Victorino Lastarria 305-307.


The Mulato Gil de Castro square combines the cultural and gastronomic hallmark of the Lastarria Quarter where it is located.

Its esplanade provides the appropriate space to house the Visual Arts Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Santiago, as well as restaurants that daily attract local and foreign visitors.

This square is named after José Gil de Castro, a Peruvian painter from Lima and renowned portrait artist from the Independence period who set up residence and a studio in this quarter.


Located on José Victorino Lastarria street, this small square was named after the painter from Lima, José Gil de Castro, one of the most important portrait artists of the 19th century, whose home and studio were in this quarter.

Mulato Gil de Castro, as he was known, came to Chile during the Chilean Independence period at the turn of the 19th century, and became the portrait artist of choice for the social elite of the time, as well as for army and political personalities.

The current square was renovated by architects Ignacio Cruz and Walter Biggemman, who preserved the original architectural lines creating an area intended for cultural activities.


The Visual Arts Museum operate in this square. Other highlights around it include a range of restaurants, cafés and the attractive Antiques Show, now a tradition on José Victorino Lastarria street.


José Victorino Lastarria, 307, Santiago.

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