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Discover the different alternatives for touristic and patrimonial tours destined to organized groups such as schools, neighbor organizations, universities and delegations.

These are free walking tours, available to ask them from monday to friday at 10:00 hours, the minimum number of people to perform the tour are 15 persons.

Tour through Historic downtown

“Santiago Paso a Paso” (step by step Santiago)

Downtown Santiago has always been the political nucleus of the country, what is observable through the history and the institutions that work inside it. the tour starts at Plaza de Armas and continues through the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Old National Congress, courts of Justice, Constitution Square ending in front of the La Moneda Palace (only the Cathedral is visited inside)

The Route of Churches

This tour includes the churches of the main religious orders that arrived to our country. The Route takes the history and architecture of Santo Domingo Church, The Metropolitan Cathedral, La Merced Basilic, San Agustin and San Francisco Churches, not available on mondays owing to churches day off.

Tour Popular Santiago

It covers the north area of Santiago comune with stops at Santo Domingo church, the central market and Mapocho Station, in addition to other spaces linked to popular culture, commerce and typical foods, such as the La Piojera bar or the Hat shop Donde Golpea el Monito.

Chilean Pre Columbian Art Museum

The Chilean Pre Columbian art Museum is considered one of the best museums in Chile because of its exhibition value integrated by over 5000 pieces from different American cultures. The tour is available on tuesday and wednesday with a maximum number of 20 persons.

Museo Histórico Nacional

Since 1982 this museum is in the building of the Palacio de la Real Audiencia, built in 1804. In its permanent sample and temporary exhibitions, visitors will be able to make contact with different stages of the history of Chile. The tour can be adapted according to the content emphasis required by each group.

Women in Chilean History Tour

Allows the recognition of the contribution of Chilean and immigrant women to social, political, cultural and historical development of Chile. the mark that big women left from our original indigenous cultures is distinguished, the contribution of women in education, the right of female vote and culture, it is performed through the historic Downtown Santiago.

Memory Route

Route that invites you to visit landmarks of the Historic Center, where violations of Human Rights occurred, where the fight for their defense took place or where homage is paid to the memory of the victims.

Tour through Lastarria Neighborhood and Bellas Artes (fine arts museum)

Cerro Santa Lucía (Santa Lucia Hill)

Santa Lucia Hill was transformed into a public park in 1872 the work were commanded by the intendant of that time Benjamin vicuña Mackenna and declared National Monument in 1983. today is one of the most visited parks in the city. the tour is not available on mondays because the park is closed

Lastarria Neighborhood

The tour starts in Santa Lucia hill and continues at Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, Luciano Kulczewski workshop house, Forestal Park and Bellas Artes National Museum, among other attractions

Bellas Artes (fine arts) Museum and Santa Lucia Hill

The History of this area is determined by Santa Lucia hill Transformation into a public park: the creation of Forestal Park and the construction of Bellas Artes Museum Between 1872 and 1910. Not available on Mondays

Arte Forestal Tour

Is a proposal to know the History of Forestal Park its sculptures and patrimonial, tourist and culture attractions of the area , such as “Posada del Corregidor” Bellas Artes (fine arts) National Museum, Contemporary art museum and Forestal Park Sculptures

Other Neighborhoods and Museums

París Londres (Paris London) Neighborhood

Tour through the Alameda Axis, it starts at Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna square, it visits the inside of the National Library, then it goes to San Francisco Church and Paris Londres Neighborhood, an emblematic patrimony area in Santiago, very related to the history of the city in XX century.

Yungay Neighborhood

It allows to discover the history and main attractions of the biggest patrimonial neighborhood of Santiago, its streets and avenues are a permanent evocation to the cultural and architecture richness from XIX and XX centuries, this circuit starts outside of Quinta Normal Metro Station and continues at the human right and memory museum area, Patrimony passages , Yungay square among other milestones

Victoria Neighborhood

Tour of the history and essence of Barrio Victoria, whose stamp is the shoe manufacturers and leather craftsmen and in whose stores, the shoemaker’s trade continues. Locals with a long tradition in the neighborhood and unique stories are visited, where footwear and accessories are made with a noble raw material such as leather, in addition to standing out for its beautiful designs.

Franklin Neighborhood

Discover one of the most traditional neighborhoods of popular commerce in Santiago. The tour includes stops at landmarks such as the Huemul neighborhood to learn about its history and heritage landmarks; and the Franklin Slaughterhouse, where attendees will get in touch with the diversity of a historic market.

Museo Histórico y Militar de Chile

This museum exhibits offers a chronological historical tour that seeks to transport the visitor through five centuries of the history of our country, beginning with the Pre-Hispanic period and projecting until 1960. It addresses periods as important as the Conquest, Independence and War of the Pacific , among others. It was inaugurated in 1997 in the Alcázar building.

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