Shawarma El Saye


530 Monjitas St.


Monday to friday,  from  12:30 to 21:00 hours


+56 9 41292020


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This restaurant is a Shawarma house located in the Bellas Artes neighborhood and offers over 15 shawarma recipes,  a classic from Libyan cuisine, with almost 8 centuries of antiquity.

Beside the traditional beef, chicken or mixed shawarmas, new specialities distinguish such as smoked Bacon Rush, with cheddar cheese, fried banana, caramelized onion, tarator and pesto; the sea shawarma filled with octopus, shrimp , cherry , arugula, thin french fries and arab seasoning. among vegan choices we recommend “Shawarma Japo” (Japanese Shawarma) with “stir fry Seitan with onion and pepper, a base of algaes and cherry, sesame and sweet rice vinegar.

Monjitas, 530, Santiago.

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