Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago


Calle La Bolsa 64


+56 2 23993000


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The main stock exchange operations center in Chile.

Located in the heart of the Civic Center of Santiago, this building was built between 1913 and 1917. It features a French Renaissance style, with fine finishing touches in the interior and exterior characterized by the quality of the materials used and the technical degree of craftsmanship achieved. It was restored following the earthquake of 1985.

It was declared a National Monument in 1981.


The building as it stands today is the work of architect Emilio Jéqquier. Construction began in 1913 and it was officially opened by the President of the Republic, Juan Luis Sanfuentes, on December 15, 1917.

Owned by the Stock Exchange Corporation, this is a detached, four-storied plus basement, building that takes up the whole street block.

The ground floor is used for the dynamic activity of stock exchange operations, the main area being the classical Round Room. This floor also houses the Shareholders’ Room, the Receiving Room and Brokers’ Offices, all of which have direct access to the street.

The main entrance, on Calle La Bolsa on the corner with Bandera, is a protruding circular body with a dome capped by a small tower.

Due to its location and excellent architecture, it harmonizes notably with the surrounding buildings in a highly homogenous typical area of the city.

It was refurbished after the 1985 earthquake.


La Bolsa, 64, Santiago.

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