Londres 81


Londres 81

This property was the residence of the renowned Chilean visual artist Nemesio Antúnez (1918-1993) during his childhood and youth.

Antúnez was Cultural Attaché of the Chilean Embassy in the United States, as well as director of the Contemporary Art Museum and the Fine Arts Museum, the latter of which he headed for two periods.

In his determination to give art a boost, he created a television program called “Ojo con el Arte” (Watch out for Art), broadcasted between 1990 and 1991 on the State-owned channel Televisión Nacional de Chile.

The work performed throughout his career, both as an artist and communicator of art in general, led him to be awarded countless prizes and distinctions, and was even given a Posthumous Recognition by the Government of Chile in 1993.

A memorial plaque on the façade of the building commemorates the fact that this outstanding Chilean artist lived here.


Londres, 81, Santiago.

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