Guerra del Pacífico Museum


Cienfuegos 50 of B

Los Heroes Station. Line 1 Metro de Santiago


+56 9 99260414

Opening hours

Monday to friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.






It is a museum located in the heart of the Historical Center, belonging to the Chilean Foundation Museo Guerra del Pacifico Domingo de Toro Herrera. It has a trajectory of 20 years, in which it has dedicated itself to spread the history of that historical episode of ends of the XIX century.

The permanent collection has outstanding relics like a sword of General Manuel Baquedano, used in the Pacific War; piece of the shield of the Huáscar with impacts of bullets; a full medal collection

with which the value of veterans was highlighted; uniforms, a collection of weapons, as well as original photographs of officers of the Navy and the Army, captured during that armed conflict.

The Museum of the Pacific War has made 203 exhibitions, from the mining town of El Salvador to the southern Curanilahue.


Domingo de Toro Herrera Central room. Exhibits the biography and photographs of Mr. Domingo de Toro Herrera, where the life and work of this outstanding public servant is made known.

Naval room. Exhibits models of the ships that fought in the Pacific War, such as the Esmerada, the Huáscar and the Covadonga, among others. . It also has a showcase with nautical pieces and elements of officers, renowed for their contribution in the Pacific War.

Battalion Bulnes room. This room presents the participation of the Bulnes Battalion, formed by 500 officials of the Municipality of Santiago, police and prison guards of Chile. It also highlights the participation of the Fire Department of Santiago, whose members formed the Armed Fire Department.

Sofanor Parra Room. This space reminds the General who participated during the entire Pacific War, with objects that belonged to him and were donated by his direct relatives. It also presents a photographic set reminiscent soldiers and a complete collection of weapons used by Chilean soldiers.

Allianza room. It is dedicated to remember the participation of the Allies of Peru and Bolivia, with representative objects of both countries, like medals, coins, buckles, piece of shielding of the Huáscar, refractory brick of the Independecia, models of the Huáscar, photographs of the main allied heroes and letters written by Peruvian officers during the War.


Cienfuegos, 50, Santiago.

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