Palacio Astoreca


Dieciocho 121


+56 2 22410100



Built in 1910 by architect Alberto Cruz Montt as the residence of the wealthy nitrate entrepreneur, Matías Astoreca Granja.

Astoreca did not see the work completed as he died before. His eldest son, Mario Astoreca Sartori, took charge of the family and the business. With the advent of synthetic saltpeter, a serious economic crisis broke out, so that the family could not continue taking care of the mansion.

Today, the palace houses the Association of Chartered Accountants of Chile.


It is an elegant neoclassical building featuring two floors and a large mansard roof.

Both floors are high and are combined with an access loggia supported by columns. The central hall is double height and ends in a large stained glass window, from which hangs a central chandelier.

Both the marble fireplace and the tall mirrors belonged to the building during its residential phase.

In 1962 the palace was purchased by the Association of Chartered Accountants, an institution that occupies it until today. The French tapestry on the walls of the dining room and living room is preserved in good condition.


Dieciocho, 121, Santiago.

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