Palacio de los Tribunales de Justicia


1140 Compañía de Jesús St.


+56 2 24125700


Here the highest bodies of the Judiciary operate: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals of Santiago and the Military Appeals Court.

In neo-classical style with a notable French influence, the current building was erected between 1905 and 1930. Its main façade takes up the entire block. A splendid metal and glass dome covers the building, the highlight being a large stained glass window brought from Germany. 

The building was declared a National Monument in 1976.


On the site currently occupied by the palace used to be the Consulado  Court Building, where an open Cabildo meeting was held on September 18, 1810 to form the First National Government Junta, presided by Mateo de Toro y Zambrano.

The construction as it stands today was erected between 1905 and 1930, and is an important part of the harmonious historic complex surrounding the Montt Varas Square. Other constructions in this complex are the former Customs building; the former National Congress building, and the façade of the newspaper El Mercurio, now turned into a slow mall.

This sector is set in the part of downtown Santiago declared a typical zone in 1986.

The Palacio de los Tribunales houses the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals of Santiago, the Military Appeals Court, and the Judicial Archive.


This construction has a notable neo-classical style, with a strong French influence. Its main façade takes up the length of the block. It features reinforced brickwork walls and carefully made finishes.

A three-story high hall on the inside crosses the building lengthwise, with side corridors connecting the rooms. It is covered by a striking metal and glass dome. A beautiful large stained glass window brought from Germany depicts landscapes and aspects of life in our country. Two caryatids by Catalan sculptor Coll y Pi may be seen on the way up the long stairway.

In September 2015, the remodeling project for the Plaza del Palacio de Tribunales, better known as Plaza Montt-Varas, was inaugurated. The design of a large esplanade provides faster access to the Palace of Courts and includes reflecting pools, high-efficiency LED lights, ornamental trees and urban equipment, which together enhance all the monumental architecture that surrounds it.


Compañía de Jesús, 1140, Santiago.

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