Palacio Piwonka


Manuel Rodríguez Sur 415


+56 2 26762000


Its construction dates back to 1918, and was commissioned by the businessman, Ricardo Piwonka, a master-dyer born in Berlin, who arrived in Valdivia in 1853.

In the 20th century, he moved to Santiago, where he started some prosperous trade, which allowed him to build the palace that currently houses the administration building of the Diego Portales University.

On the death of Piwonka, his twin sons inherited the mansion. A short time afterwards, Alfredo bought the half belonging to his brother, Alberto, thus becoming the sole owner.

From the arbor on the first floor, the family would watch the National Holiday parade which, in those days, would file by Calle Ejército.

The palace was occupied up to 1984 by Ana Moreno de Piwonka. Following her death, it was auctioned and then leased.


Highlights include the façade framed by colonnades and a large Oregon pine door. The main door is ornamented with opal glass with garlands. Its style is neo-classical with rococo contributions.

Today it houses the administration building of the Diego Portales University, where its main executive offices operate.

Avenida Manuel Rodríguez Sur, 415, Santiago.

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