Pasaje Adriana Cousiño


Between Herrera, Maipú, Huérfanos and Compañía streets.


This alleyway, as well as others built in the sector, met the need to provide housing accommodation for the mainly middle-class groups that began to settle in the quarter around Brasil street.

This cité was built by architects Cruz Montt and Larraín Bravo in 1920. With a new-Romantic style, it is one of the most outstanding of its kind.

A characteristic of this alleyway is the appropriation of a public space, with a beautiful garden whose palm-trees provides a hallmark of privacy to the homes opposite each other.

Thus, the common space is a point of convergence that was enhanced by the architects of the time and that is highly valued by present-day residents.

Construction style accents include lookout basements, front porches, windows, arches and balconies. The accesses to the alleyway are different in that a small square meets the eye when entering from the Huérfanos side, while entering from Compañía the vertical architectural lines of the constructions provide a more striking visual impact.

Adriana Cousiño, 375, Santiago.

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